MLIM Patterns

No, I am not launching an indie sewing pattern company. (Sadly.)

The pattern I use to make my waistcoats is a Frankenstein-esque amalgamation of two commercial patterns and my self-drafting, to the point where it is its own pattern now.

A homemade sewing pattern pouch, a pair of fabric shears, and a blue pin tin are flat-laid on a wood surface. The pattern is titled 'MLIM Waistcoat Pattern', and the front shows tow examples of previous waistcoats made by the author.

So, I made myself a pattern pouch to store the pattern pieces!

The same flatlay as the last image, except the author's hand holds the pattern pouch up closer to the camera lens. The two examples of previous waistcoats are labelled as 'View A' and 'View B'.

It is, ah, not the greatest graphic design, but I also don’t particularly mind, because it’s just me (and about a hundred or so of you) seeing it.

The reverse of the pattern pouch is shown in the flatlay, much the same as the first image. It gives details like the number of pattern pieces, fabric recommendations and lengths required, and notions needed.

I tried to copy the type of information commercial patterns have on their paper pouches as best I could.

The pattern pouch and its contents are laid out flat on a wood background. The pattern pieces are all folded up, spread like a deck of cards, and are clearly made of wrapping paper.

I also made a mini one for Needle & Thread!

The author's hand holds a miniature version of the pattern pouch in front of the pattern drawers in Needle & Thread.

I would like to try making an instruction booklet to go with the pattern, even just to keep all the ‘how-to’ information together, instead of having to haul out an encyclopedia to remember how to do a shawl collar. If I remember to take progress photos while making my next waistcoat, of course!

Anyways, see ya!

Yves (FillieFanatic)

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