Upcycle Your Clothes

Remember these dungarees from nearly two years ago? Well, I eventually figured out that they were a pain to go to the bathroom in. So I chopped them in half and made the legs into pants, and the top half….

The author stands on a garden path beside a garden bed. She wears a pair of green linen dungarees with white shoes and a denim blue shirt. The dungarees have a tie at the waist, and a square neckline. Her hands are in her pockets.

….into a pinafore dress a few weeks ago!

The author stands with her back to a pale blue wall. She wears a green pinafore dress over a navy-and-white-striped Breton shirt. The pinafore's top half is green linen, and the bottom half is a floral design made of flowers in shades of peach and pink surrounded by green leaves. Her hands are on her hips, and she faces the camera.

I re-used the tie, made the bodice longer, added belt loops with leftover fabric, and added a pleated skirt.

Close-up of the waist area of the pinafore. The skirt portion is pleated into the bodice, which has been lengthened and had belt loops added. The tie is the same one from the dungarees, which is threaded thorough the belt loops and tied in an off-centre bow.

Obviously, it has pockets. I would have liked to have had green linen pockets, but I didn’t have enough green linen left, so I used other scraps instead.

The author stands in front of a pale blue wall. She wears the green pinafore dress with the striped shirt. Her hands are in her skirt's pockets, and her body faces towards the camera.

It does swoosh quite well, I must say. I pleated the entire width of this fabric into the bodice for maximum volume.

The author is pictured mid-twirl in the pinafore dress. The skirt is flaring out a little as she spins.
The author holds out the skirt of the pinafore dress to show off the floral design. She stands against a pale blue wall, photographed from shoulders to ankles.

I do wish now that I had purchased more of the skirt fabric, because it is so nice! I’m really happy I managed to completely upcycle those dungarees, too.

I’ve been wearing this a lot recently as the weather has heated up significantly and pants, much as I love them, are uncomfortable in extreme heat. I think this brings me up to three skirted items I’ve made? Which is more than I thought I’d make! And I’ve got (possibly) two more in the works….

Anyways, see ya!

Yves (FillieFanatic)

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