Seven Years

This year’s birthday will be more than party hat jokes, I assure you. This year, Hazel has not only made a new cake….

Hazel stands against a white background, wearing a white floral sleeveless shirt and a cream and white striped skirt. She holds a gold cake stand in her hands, on which is a two-tiered cake. The cake is iced in pink, with white icing on top that is dripping down the sides. Three paper flowers are arranged on top, in gold, pale pink, and turquoise. Hazel is smiling at the camera.

….but we now have a new backdrop specifically for celebrations! (It only took seven years!)

Hazel and Sarah stand in the corner of a room, white walls almost entirely covered by streamers in turquoise, pale pink, and gold. Hanging on the wall is a banner that spells 'Happy Birthday' over individual flags. Sarah is congratulating Hazel on the cake, which is on its gold cakestand on a wooden table. The table also has gold plates, forks, and a big knife on it. Sarah wears a sleeveless Breton top and dark pink shorts.

We’ve got a birthday banner, which can be changed out if a different celebration is being held.

Close-up of the 'Happy Birthday' banner. It is white flags on a white string, the ends of which are hidden under the streamers. The letters are metallic, in various colours. Tiffany is in the bottom half of the picture, ducking her head like she's trying to get out of shot.

The new cake is two tiers, with dripping icing and (non-edible) flowers on top.

Close-up of the cake on the table. The paper flowers on top are clearer, as is the slightly lumpy icing job.

And the backdrop is tissue paper streamers. (I could glue them down, but then the walls would just be stripy, not 3-dimensionally stripy.)

Petra stands against one of the streamered walls. She has a streamer in one hand, and is looking up at a point beyond the shot's frame. She wears a beige floral peplum top with brown pants, and has her other hand in her pocket.

All right, can we get a photo with the cake and the bunting in the background, please?

Sarah, Petra, Tiffany, and Hazel are assembled beind the table (and the cake), all looking at the camera and smiling. Petra has her arms around Sarah and Hazel, and Tiffany's hands are on the tabletop. Behind them is the 'Happy Birthday' banner.

Wonderful, thanks guys. You can cut into the cake now!

I will do my best to ensure that the arsenal of miniature party equipment does not have to wait seven years to get its next update! In the meantime, I plan to keep right on expanding this minature world (and my wardrobe!), and documenting it all here. Thanks for sticking around, and welcome, if you’re new!

See ya!

Yves (FillieFanatic)

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