Project Roundup

First, I have finalised most of the embroidery designs for Needle & Thread’s walls; these will all be cross-stitched. I have a red banner in addition to these that does still need a design, but these four should keep me going (and the walls covered) for now.

A page of a sketchbook is pictured, with four squares of graph paper glued inside. On each piece of graph paper is drawn a small cross-stitch pattern. Top to bottom, the designs are of a cat with kittens, a floral wreath, a basket of apples, and a wintery sampler. Beside each design is notes on thread colours and stitches.

Second, I have these scraps I’ve been assembling. I think I want to make a double-sided mug rug/coaster, but I need to find heat-proof wadding for that to happen.

Two rectangles of fabric are on a white brick background. They both have a smaller rectangle in the middle, with rectangles sewn on around the edges to make it bigger, much like a quilt. The one on the left has a flower in the centre, with multi-coloured scallops around it. The one on the right has stars in the centre, with plain grey around it.

I also purchased these Christmas fabrics on sale, because I want to make some more furoshiki wraps for next Christmas’ gifts.

Four folded Christmas fabrics sit on a wooden surface. They are arranged with three in a row below one more centred above. The top one is red with white cross-stitch-esque designs on. The bottom row, from left to right, are black with mistletoe and native Australian flowers; green with gold Christmas trees; and cream with various Christmas well wishes in green and red.

In between these and the party prep from last post, I’ve mostly been doing mending and repairs to both my clothes and doll’s clothes, and cleaning my desk ready for the new year. It’s good to have a bit of a rest from big projects and make a dent in that ever-growing repairs list!

Anyways, see ya!

Yves (FillieFanatic)

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