Freshly Decked Halls

Guess what? I finally made new Christmas decorations for the street! And I figured out how to hang wreaths from the shop doors.

Sarah stands outside the Palace Library's door, hanging a wreath from a hook on the door. She wears a headband with tinsel reindeer antlers, a grey shirt, and pink corduroy shorts. The wreath has a red and white checked bow at the centre bottom.

I poke a little hole just above the door (or doorframe) and stick one end of the hook into the hole, so the wire is sitting just under the outer layer of cardboard.

Close-up of the wreath hook at the top of the Palace Library's front door. A silver wire emerges from a small hole above the green door, and goes down behind the wreath's foliage.

It’s easy to edit out of pictures, if I wanted to, and I can remove the wires for the rest of the year.

Sarah walks along the street, hands in pockets. She looks at Fierro's as she passes, which has a new sparkly garland hanging from its awning. The garland has a repeating pattern of red, green, then silver or gold sequins, crocheted together with black thread.

I’ve also made new garlands, to replace those that were not super Christmassy. The long one for Fierro’s has both gold and silver sequins in, and the shorter ones just have gold.

Sarah walks towards Tiffany, who stands outside the front door of Needle & Thread. Tiffany is hanging a wreath fron a similar wreath hook, and the window has a similar garland on. In the background, Tea at Yaz's window also has a red, green, and gold garland across it.

The Palace Library was a little lonely being the only one with a wreath, so Needle & Thread got a wreath too.

Sarah and Tiffany discuss the new decorations in the street. Tiffany has her hands on her hips, and wears a Christmas tree headband. Behind her, the wreath on Needle & Thread's door has a red, white, and gold bow on the centre bottom.

S: “The wreaths make the whole street look super festive, don’t they?

T: “Totally, but it’s a pain when you forget to bring the stepstool out!

Who knows how the decorations will expand next year? Maybe we’ll bring out potted poinsettas.

Anyways, see ya!

Yves (FillieFanatic)

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