2022 Year in Review

As I am sure you know by now, I’m not one to write books about the past year. I like to let the photos do the talking, so here we go!


Sarah and Hazel simultaneously reach for an Iced Vovo from the gold plate on the Fierro's table. Sarah is wearing a turquoise paisley playsuit, and her brown satchel is just barely visible against her hip. Hazel is in a white floral dress, and one of her green braids is hanging down her front.


Petra and Tiffany stand side by side in front of Needle & Thread's fat quarters. Petra is testing the patch pockets of her new peach dress, while Tiffany stands to the side, watching with her arms crossed.


Sarah looks straight at the camera, smiling. She wears a turquoise playsuit underneath a khaki jacket. The sleeves have embroidery on them, the collar stands up like a mandarin collar, and the torso fits her really well. A white brick background is behind her.


Close-up of two of Fierro's wooden display case trays. One is filled with six egg shaped biscuits, and the other with six chick-faced round  biscuits. There are three spotty egg biscuits and three stripy ones, one of each pattern in each colour.


Tiffany sits on the purple couch in Needle & Thread's sit and stitch corner. She has an ankle resting on her knee, a cup of coffee in her hand, and a magazine open on her lap. On the coffee table in front of her are two more magazines and some craft books, in stacks. She smiles at the camera.


Hazel stands outside Fierro's Bakery, with her hands outstretched in a 'ta-da!' sort of gesture. The sign on the pale green door is flipped to 'OPEN'. Warm light comes from the interior, visible through the glass front window. The door and window are protected by a green-and-white striped awning above.


The author stands with both hands in front, holding a copy of 'Vespertine' by Margaret Rogerson. She wears a navy blue paisley-patterned waistcoat with a dark purple shirt and navy corduroy pants.


Hazel walks past the camera in a maroon and navy chevron-patterned wool skirt, braids and skirt lifting in the wind. She also wears a long grey cardigan and a bodice. She's photographed against a wooden fence, with some weeds growing at the base of it in the distance.


Photo shows one of the walls in Needle & Thread, on which are two wooden shelving units filled with baskets, craft books and magazines, and a few cacti. Above them hang two decorative quilt prints.


Hazel smiles at the camera, hand resting on top of a circular white crocheted bag. She is standing in front of a mulched garden bed with a hedge behind her, wearing a pink checked pinafore dress with a khaki dress underneath."


A rectangular object is wrapped in the pineapple-print fabric in the furoshiki style, with a knot at the top. The object is on a wood background.


The author stands outsude, undercover against an lattice as a backdrop. She is photographed from the neck down, wearing a blue dress printed with white daisies. The dress has an elastic waistband and a high collar. She has her hands in her pockets, and wears black boots.

Last year, I said I wanted to continue expanding my miniature world, continue making life-sized clothes, and expand my photography locations. Well, I definitely expanded my homemade wardrobe! I also introduced Fierro’s Bakery to the mini world, which technically counts as a new photography location? I think? It’s not exactly the way I imagined changing up photography locations, but it works.

So much good stuff happened this past year, but I am particularly proud of how much I have been mending and upcycling both miniature clothes and life-sized clothes.

Looking forward, I would like to focus on making my miniature world the best it can be by doing more renovations (like Needle & Thread). For life-sized sewing, I want to make myself some shirts – I have a lot of pants! I’d also like to improve my photography skills, even just by improving the lighting in my miniature shots.

Can’t wait to see you next year – and I can’t wait to see what it holds!

Anyways, see ya!

Yves (FillieFanatic)

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