Project Roundup

Happy New Year! My new year has been quite restful, just two things on the go at the moment.

First, three of the five embroideries I have planned for Needle & Thread are complete. I have no idea at the moment how they will be mounted on the walls, so this project is on hold at the moment. Usually I wrap artworks around a square of cardboard, but this fabric would make that far too bulky.

Three small unframed cross stitchings are laid flat on a wood background. Top left is a cat with three kittens, bottom left is a leafy wreath with flowers and hearts; right is a wintery sampler.

In the meantime, I’ve been making another pair of pants for myself – this time in dark green.

A large amount of dark greeen fabric is under the needle of an antique sewing machine. Nearby is a pin tin and a small scrap of thick fabric. The wall behind is pale yellow.

I’ve never made these pants on my treadle machine before; so far, all is going well.

The top portion of a pair of unfinished dark green pants is laid flat on a wood background. The pants have pleats at the front, two diagonally-opening pockets, and the top edge is frayed and without a waistband.

I think I’ll probably put the zipper in by hand – invisible zips are fiddly enough on a modern machine! And I’ve also never put in a zip by hand before, and for a pair of pants full of firsts, why not?

Anyways, see ya!

Yves (FillieFanatic)

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