How to Build a Storefront

After the design has been finalised, I get an empty cereal box and cover the outside in cardboard. This makes the box stronger, as these stores need to hold stuff in them and usually have moving parts.

A rectangular box standing vertically sits on a desk, angled so that the side and the front are both visible. It is about the same size as a cereal box, and has cardboard glued over the entire outside. On the cardboard are pencil lines, marking features of the facade. The background is blurred.

Then, I draw the design of the storefront onto the box, being accurate with measurements and such. (I also like to double-check the proportions look reasonable in comparison to the world’s inhabitants!)

Petra and Tiffany stand in front of the box, marked with pencil markings. The markings include a door, two windows, and a sign above them.

If I have a lot of the paper I’m using for the cladding, I will just plaster that on and re-draw my lines. Because I only have scraps of this brick paper, I’m being a bit more careful when applying it.

The front of the box is partially covered in dark brick paper. The rectangles for the door, windows, and sign are left uncovered.

Then it’s time to start sketching!

Two rectangular pencil sketches, side by side, of the imagined interior of this shop, as seen through a window. The left window has shelves along the wall and a front desk. The right window's view is similar, yet mirrored, and the front bench has a cash register on it.

These will be the insides of the windows, and below is the shop’s signage. (Whesan being the name of the town Sarah and co. live in.)

A sketch of the shop's exterior signage, next to the window sketches on the same piece of paper. The sign reads 'WHESAN POST', and there are two broomsticks cushioning the word 'post'.

The signage is probably the quickest thing to finish here, because that doesn’t need any extra finishes beyond colours. The windows need colours, glass, and frames, and the door hasn’t been started yet! Hopefully next time you see this storefront, it will be complete. In the meantime, I’ll keep taking progress photos.

Anyways, see ya!


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