Mandala Success!

Previously, when I've tried to crochet mandalas, they haven't really turned out very well. Perhaps it's because I don't read the pattern properly all the time, but when I make a successful mandala, it's a small cause for celebration. I like the colours in this mandala, it looks very spring-y, unlike the cold, rainy weather… Continue reading Mandala Success!

Hogwarts Bunting

All 100 little triangles of bunting were finished... ...then the first four were crocheted together... ...we're halfway there... ...and it's done! This is definitely the longest piece of bunting I've ever made, there's so much of it! You can see how it looks in Diagon Alley below, almost like a small canopy over the street.… Continue reading Hogwarts Bunting

Project Roundup

The Hogwarts bunting is going well, I'm 6 flags per house away from finishing all the flags. Then I just have to crochet them all together in one very, very long string of bunting. Sarah's been knitting a new scarf out of some yarn ends she's had hanging around for a while, and the eventual… Continue reading Project Roundup

Project Roundup

I have quite a few projects in progress at the moment, actually. First is a new badge design, which went very quickly from an idea to being made! I'm trying a new stitch with it, too, so we'll see how that goes. I'm confident it'll turn out well. I'm also making a few small furniture… Continue reading Project Roundup