Birds’ Nests

In Australia at the moment, there are a lot of very bad bushfires, and to assist with the rehabilitation, wildlife centres are asking for donations of crocheted birds’ nests, like the ones below. They’ll hold baby animals (not just birds!) that have been rescued from the fires and make them feel comfortable while they’re being…… Continue reading Birds’ Nests

Project Roundup

I've mainly been working on the TARDIS recently, specifically these pillars for the corners. There's six of them that need painting, which takes ages to do. In-between painting pillars, I've been teaching myself corner-to-corner crochet. I've only done this little square at the moment, but I definitely want to do more. It's lots of fun,… Continue reading Project Roundup


I wonder what this orange sphere could be... It looks like it has a head... could it be... ? It's a cat! (Or is it a flerken?) More specifically, it's a crocheted Goose the cat from¬†Captain Marvel. Crochet Goose has a plaited tail... ...and a ribbon collar with a 'tag' made from a sequin. Honestly,… Continue reading Goose

Project Roundup

This is pretty much the Doctor Who edition of Project Roundup, as both of the things I'm working on at the moment are¬†Doctor Who related! First, I decided to crochet the scarf the Doctor wears in the New Years special, so I went out and colour-matched as best as I could... ...and I'm now nearly… Continue reading Project Roundup