I wonder what this orange sphere could be... It looks like it has a head... could it be... ? It's a cat! (Or is it a flerken?) More specifically, it's a crocheted Goose the cat from Captain Marvel. Crochet Goose has a plaited tail... ...and a ribbon collar with a 'tag' made from a sequin. Honestly,… Continue reading Goose

Project Roundup

This is pretty much the Doctor Who edition of Project Roundup, as both of the things I'm working on at the moment are Doctor Who related! First, I decided to crochet the scarf the Doctor wears in the New Years special, so I went out and colour-matched as best as I could... ...and I'm now nearly… Continue reading Project Roundup

Mandala Success!

Previously, when I've tried to crochet mandalas, they haven't really turned out very well. Perhaps it's because I don't read the pattern properly all the time, but when I make a successful mandala, it's a small cause for celebration. I like the colours in this mandala, it looks very spring-y, unlike the cold, rainy weather… Continue reading Mandala Success!