Project Roundup

These little boxes have been in the works for so long now, I’m so close to finishing them! I was randomly struck with the motivation to crochet something, so I made an autumn garland, which has been on my list for a few years now! I used Attic24’s beech leaf pattern for the leaves, and I…… Continue reading Project Roundup

Birds Nests – pt 3

This week was spent making another birds’ nest. I’m using a different pattern to the first batch, as I’m testing this pattern for a how-to-crochet class I’m helping to teach. This yarn is absolutely gorgeous, I love the mottled pink and purple. Though it does make it hard to see your stitches in the first…… Continue reading Birds Nests – pt 3

Project Roundup

I’ve been meaning to replace the hood on Sarah’s 13th Doctor coat for a while, as it was originally made with too-small scraps, and I finally got round to it. This new one sits much better over the shoulders, and it fits over her head! The obligatory recreating-the-promo-pics….. picture. I’m also making another birds’ nest…… Continue reading Project Roundup

Birds’ Nests

In Australia at the moment, there are a lot of very bad bushfires, and to assist with the rehabilitation, wildlife centres are asking for donations of crocheted birds’ nests, like the ones below. They’ll hold baby animals (not just birds!) that have been rescued from the fires and make them feel comfortable while they’re being…… Continue reading Birds’ Nests