Back before I went to the beach, I started making this little narwhal, to finish while I was up there.



I hadn’t thought of a good name until just as I’m writing this, when Bubbles popped into my head and kinda stuck.




The timing for making Bubbles was very deliberate, as you can see!


Bubbles almost needs a fancy tropical drink by his fin with the palm tree in the background!


I’m not sure where on my shelves Bubbles will fit yet, at the moment he’s floating around on my desk, almost like a little mascot offering encouragement and Skittles.

Anyways, see ya!


7 thoughts on “Bubbles

  1. So cuuuuuute! Narwhals are an obsession of my family’s, so they always make me squeal. I love the color blue you used and the cute smile. And awesome timing for a trip to the beach! ❤ 😀


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