Birds’ Nests

In Australia at the moment, there are a lot of very bad bushfires, and to assist with the rehabilitation, wildlife centres are asking for donations of crocheted birds’ nests, like the ones below.

Two crocheted birds' nest/cup-shaped objects stand side-by-side against a white background. One is larger and made of hot pink, variegated blue and plain purple yarn. The other is smaller and hot pink.

They’ll hold baby animals (not just birds!) that have been rescued from the fires and make them feel comfortable while they’re being cared for.

Aerial shot of the same two birds' nests from last image, showing their interiors.
Image shows the larger birds' nest with its sides folded inwards, so the variegated blue yarn is visible. The small hot pink birds' nest is inside the larger one.

With BB-8 for scale – these are going to house some very small babies!

The two birds' nests sit beside a small crocheted BB-8, as a measure of their scale. The larger nest and BB-8 are about the same height, the smaller nest being about half the height.
The crocheted BB-8 sits inside the larger nest, with the smaller nest perched on his head like a very large hot pink hat.

No, BB-8, they’re not for you to hide in, though you do look very cute. If you’d like to help the bushfire recovery effort, suggestions for how you can help are available on this page. Hopefully, these two will be the first of many I can make!

Anyways, see ya!


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