Birds Nests – pt 3

This week was spent making another birds’ nest.

Five-and-a-half rounds of a crochet circle are on a white background. The yarn is pink, purple, and white.
Eight-and-a-half rounds of the same crocheted circle from before are shown on a white background.

I’m using a different pattern to the first batch, as I’m testing this pattern for a how-to-crochet class I’m helping to teach.

The first three rounds of the sides of the crocheted nest are shown against a white background. This is the same circle from before, but with more progress.
The pink, purple, and white crocheted nest has quite tall sides now, about 10 rounds. It's against a white background.
The finished crocheted nest stands next to BB-8 for scale against a white background. The nest is about 1 and a half times the height of BB-8.

This yarn is absolutely gorgeous, I love the mottled pink and purple. Though it does make it hard to see your stitches in the first few rounds!

If you’d like to know more about the birds’ nests, all the info is on my original post here, and these are the other nests I made.

Anyways, see ya!


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