Wall Stencils

The Tea at Yaz’s interior is coming along; the main achievement being that we have finished walls.

Sarah stands inside an opened-up cereal box. The walls are yellow, and the floor is dark wood. Her hands are on her hips and she looks around the space.

I wanted a pattern on the walls, so I found this stencil that looks a little like Moroccan tiles and stencilled it over the whole interior.

A close-up of a corner of the yellow walls. Three vertical rows of stencilling are done in brown coloured pencil. The shape is a 12-pointed star.

This was the first finished wall….

Sarah stands in front of one of the yellow walls, which is covered in the brown stencilled 12-pointed-star pattern.

….still stencilling….

CLose-up of the stencilling process in progress. The stencil is positioned over one of the motifs, pencil angled artfully within shot. The pencil has a pencil grip on it for comfort.

….and all done!

Shot of the interior of the store, yellow walls completely covered in stencilling.
A different angle of the store's interior, showing more yellow walls covered in stencilling.

I don’t think I’ll do anything like this again for a while, there’s only so much stencilling a person can take! Next step is a break, then the step after that is starting on the furnishings.

Anyways, see ya!


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