Hoop Progress

In between life, I’ve been making progress on the 13th Doctor hoop.

A close-up of an embroidery hoop filled with grey fabric. A rainbow-striped scarf is visible, with very long, untrimmed tassels sewn in place at the ends.

I’m very happy with these tassels – I combined the coloured stripes in the tassels so they matched the size of the dark blue ones. I’ll trim them down when all the embroidery is done.

The bottom of the grey hoop is visible, with the scarf on the left. The outline of a hand reaching out as if to shake hands is stitched in gold.

Then I outlined….

Image shows the bottom of the grey hoop. The gold hand from the image before is visible, now interlocking with another hand, outlined in silver.
The bottom of the grey hoop is visible, showing the two hands. Now, the gold hand is filled in.
Shot from further back of the bottom of the grey hoop. The scarf tassels are visible on the left, and the two hands are now both filled in. The phrase 'be kind' is visible in dark blue above the hands.

….and filled in the hands at the base. I’m really happy with the hands, I was worried I’d get the proportions wrong! Next step is the stars up the right hand side, then I’d like to fit some custard creams in under the hands.

Anyways, see ya!


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