Parting the Curtains

The interior of Tea at Yaz’s is coming along slowly! I’ve made a few fabric pieces, like this curtain/divider for the doorway between the front counter and the kitchens and such.

A red curtain covers the back corner of Tea at Yaz's, behind the curved counter. It has metallic gold bric-a-brac on top.
Sarah is holding the red curtain aside to go through it to the back rooms of Tea at Yaz's. The curved counter's top is visible in the foreground.

I also made some on-a-curtain-rail curtains around the front window. I’m very happy with these! I kinda want to put some in Sarah’s apartment now….

The booth area of Tea at Yaz's is visible. There are two purple curtains over the front window, pulled aside with metallic gold bric-a-brac. The curtains are on a wooden rail.

Here’s the window without the curtains, the view looks across the laneway to Madam Malkins’ and Flourish & Blotts, on the right.

Image shows the window drawing before the addition of the curtains. Across a cobblestoned street, a fabric store's front window is visible, as well as the edge of a bookstore.
Sarah sits at the booth, looking out the window with arms folded on the table. A curtain is visible behind her.

It’s a great little spot for people-watching, or sitting with a group of friends planning world domination a trip around the country. My next step is looking at what food Tea at Yaz’s serves, hmm…..

Anyways, see ya!


2 thoughts on “Parting the Curtains

  1. Those curtains are darling, do they really pull like real curtains do? So clever. And I love the drawing you’ve put behind them, you’re a great artist!


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