Parting the Curtains

The interior of Tea at Yaz’s is coming along slowly! I’ve made a few fabric pieces, like this curtain/divider for the doorway between the front counter and the kitchens and such.



I also made some on-a-curtain-rail curtains around the front window. I’m very happy with these! I kinda want to put some in Sarah’s apartment now….


Here’s the window without the curtains, the view looks across the laneway to Madam Malkins’ and Flourish & Blotts, on the right.



It’s a great little spot for people-watching, or sitting with a group of friends planning world domination a trip around the country. My next step is looking at what food Tea at Yaz’s serves, hmm…..

Anyways, see ya!


2 thoughts on “Parting the Curtains

  1. Those curtains are darling, do they really pull like real curtains do? So clever. And I love the drawing you’ve put behind them, you’re a great artist!


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