My intent was to make only five acorns, three little ones and two big ones, but they just kept multiplying….

Eight felt acorns sit on a white background. They are various combinations of red, orange, yellow, and brown felts. Two are larger than the other five.

Whoops! Below you can see the difference between the large and small ones.

One larger acorn and one smaller acorn are next to each other as size comparison. They're on a white brick background.
Three acorns sit on a magazine page. The page has an image of similar felt acorns on.

They come from a Mollie Makes magazine, and they’re probably a little large to be Sarah-sized acorns!

Sarah holds one of the smaller acorns in her arm. It's far too large to be a realistic size. She's in a pink jumper, and is looking at the acorn.

Unless you used it as a decorative cushion….

Two felt acorns sit on a bookshelf, next to a crocheted orange pumpkin.

They’re hanging out on my bookshelves with the pumpkins I crocheted ages ago, making them look very autumnal.

Anyways, see ya!


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