Finished 13 Hoop!

In my time hanging out indoors over the last week, I’ve managed to stitch some final touches to this hoop….

The right hand side of the grey-fabric-filled embroidery hoop is visible. Seven stars are outlined in backstitch in silver, scattered in a loosely vertical manner.

….so it is now finished!

The embroidery hoop, filled with grey fabric, sits on a white brick background. The phrase 'laugh hard; run fast; be kind' is embroidered in navy blue in the middle. Around it are various symbols of the Thirteenth Doctor, including a daffodil flower, a rainbow-striped scarf, and a custard cream biscuit.
Close-up of the silver stars on the right of the hoop. They are filled in with satin stitch in silver.

It’s very hard to get good detail stitching over felt, but you can sort of see that this is a Custard Cream biscuit!

Close-up of a rectangle of yellow felt on the hoop. Stitched into it in yellow are the words 'custard cream', to look like the biscuit.

I also trimmed the tassels, which look really good! I’m very pleased with them.

Close-up of the tassels on the rainbow-striped scarf on the left side of the hoop. The tassels are now shorter and neater.
The hoop hangs from a ribbon on a white wall.

I decided to hang it somewhere easily seen, so the message is especially visible. As well as all the embroidery work, of course. This has been on my desk for what feels like months, its wonderful to finally have it on the walls.

Anyways, see ya!


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