Tea Boxes

Tea at Yaz’s now has its own line of tea!

A stack of small square boxes in various colours are on the cake stand in Tea at Yaz's; on the curved counter.

I made the designs for these little boxes myself, which was a long process of trial and error.

Ten Tea at Yaz's boxes are stacked in a tower against a white brick background. The different types of tea they contain are visible on the front of the boxes (plus one box of hot chocolate in the bottom right).

There are 10 different boxes: hibiscus, rooibos, chamomile, peppermint, strawberry, earl grey, black, ginger, lavender and hot chocolate.

The back of one of the boxes is visible, showing a nutrition information table and a list of ingredients and other information.

On the back, there is a teeny tiny nutrition information label, as well as the MLIM name.

Petra holds three of the boxes in her hands, in front of her blue jumper.

They’re only about a centimetre square, so I scored some of the smaller folds with a pinhead.

The ten boxes are arranged in rainbow order over two shelves in the glass cabinet inside Tea at Yaz's counter.

They’ll be displayed for sale in this glass cabinet, as well as being scattered on the top of the counter.

Petra stands behind the cake stand on Tea at Yaz's counter. The cake stand is stacked with tea boxes. She looks at the camera, hands neatly folded.

The plan is to fill the cabinet with tea boxes, and have a few extras to put elsewhere on the counter. I’ve only made two of each box, so I’d better get busy!

Anyways, see ya!


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