In an effort to make Petra an entire outfit that fits, I made her this pair of green overalls.

Petra stands in front of a white brick background, smiling at the camera with her hands behind her back. She wears a pair of long green dungarees that have a sunflower embroidered on the pocket, and her blue jumper.

She and I both love the sunflower embroidered onto this pocket (which is functional!).

Close-up of the sunflower embroidered on the front pocket of the dungarees.
Petra holds a spider-plant wearing the dungarees and jumper, smiling at the camera.

It’s very much in line with her gardener aesthetic!

Petra walks past the camera to the left, with a wooden fence in the background. Her hands are in the side pockets of her green dungarees, and she wears her blue jumper and black high-top Converses.
Petra stands with legs apart, one hand on her hip and one on her shoulder. She looks to the right; wearing her long green dungarees with her blue jumper and black shoes. Behind her is a wooden fence and wooden gate.

(We were going for the cover of Vogue here.)

Petra stands next to a large white geranium flower, one hand on the stem. She's looking at it, wearing the green dungarees and blue jumper.

Then Petra saw this big geranium flower and just had to get a photo. I don’t blame her, honestly!

Anyways, see ya!


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