Barista Coffee

One thing I knew I wanted to upgrade in renovating Tea at Yaz’s was the coffee machine: the old one was more of an urn, whereas this is more the sort in a coffee shop.

A large rectangular coffee making-machine sits against a white brick background. There are three spots for cups to go under, and an orange tin mug is under the middle one.

As you can see, there’s space for three cups; I also added the grille under the cups and a small screen for adjusting settings.

Close-up of the grille underneath the cups, with the orange mug and the control panels visible.

Upon putting it in Tea at Yaz’s, it got decorated within half an hour!

The coffee machine sits on the counter at Tea at Yaz's. The back of the machine is visible, and there are two lines of gold ric-rac on it.

Petra’s already a pro at operating it.

Petra stands behind the coffee machine, operating it, behind the counter at Tea at Yaz's.

Oh hey Sarah! How cold is it out there?

Sarah stands at the counter of Tea at Yaz's, looking at Petra. Petra's behind the coffee machine, making a drink. She looks back at Sarah.

Freezing! I should have worn a coat.

Petra slides a mug of hot chocolate across the Tea at Yaz's counter to Sarah. They both smile at each other.

Here’s your hot chocolate; give me a minute to make my tea and I’ll join you.” “Thanks!” I think Petra might be busy at the coffee machine today, the wind in town is very cold!

Anyways, see ya!


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