Hanging Baskets

The Tea at Yaz’s courtyard is just beginning to bloom. with these hanging baskets!

The Tea at Yaz's courtyard is shown, with the addition of three crocheted hanging baskets attached to the walls. The baskets hang above the table and chairs, and below the tassel garland.

There are two types of plant here, the two (fictional!) dragontail plants and a crepe myrtle.

Two of the baskets are against a white brick background. One has purple flowers and beads in, with one stem (?) dangling over. The other has larger pink flowers and beads in. The pots are yellow.

They have lots of buds on them, and a few early flowers.

Above shot of the baskets, showing the flowers in more detail. They're against a white brick background.

I attached them to the walls by pushing two thin pieces of wire into the wall per pot, and the pots slide on and off the wires.

Close-up of the side of one basket on the courtyard wall. There is a wire coming from the wall that goes into the back of the crocheted pot.

The wires can fold up flush with the wall so it’s easy to fold flat.

Petra stands with the courtyard blurred in the background. She's holding one of the purple hanging baskets in her arms. She looks at the flowers.

The dragontail plant is called that because the hanging vines of the plant look like dragon tails. (Dragons look a lot like Australian possums in Sarah’s world!) Petra’s thrilled they’re so healthy – dragontails are notoriously slow to adapt to re-potting.

Anyways, see ya!


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