Project Roundup

I’ve made three large pots for Tea at Yaz’s, seen here with the smaller pot for scale, so now they’re all ready for Petra to plant some plants in.

Three large crocheted pots stand behind one of the smaller pots in Tea at Yaz's courtyard. The big pots are the height of the smaller pot, including the greenery.

I also finished adjusting her grey pants!

Petra stands against a white brick background. She wears loose pale grey pants, rolled up at the hem, with her pink jumper. Her hands are in her pockets, and she looks at the camera.

I made the legs slimmer, put on a new waistband and made the elastic inside tighter to stop them sliding down.

Close-up of the side of Petra's grey pants, showing the pocket opening in the side. Also visible is the waistband.

I tried a new waistband technique, and I’m really happy with it! This method means there’s far less bulk at the seam, especially if I use this style of pocket. I’m also considering how to expand Petra’s wardrobe, especially closer-fitting tops. Jumpers are hard to tuck in!

Anyways, see ya!


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