Needle & Thread Interior

All the interior walls and floors of Needle & Thread are done! Let’s have a look.

Tiffany stands outside Needle & Thread, looking away from the camera at the storefront.

The floor is wood parquet, and most walls are this pale grey….

Tiffany is inside the store, standing in a grey-walled corner.

….apart from this blue feature wall behind where the counter will be! Tiffany really likes it.

Tiffany is standing facing the camera with her hands clasped in excitement. Behind her is a bright blue wall.

As far as old furniture goes, I could probably cut down this bookshelf and use it as a counter….

Tiffany stands beside a white bookshelf that is about her height. It has three shelves and is bright blue on its back panel.

There’s also another corner for the sit and stitch area.

Tiffany stands in a grey-walled corner, arms crossed, deep in thought.
Tiffany stands with hand on hip, chin in hand, thinking. In front of her is a small coffee table (white base and grey top), and a stool (black base, white floral top).

I can definitely use the low table here as a coffee table, but I’m not sure about the stool… Hopefully I’ll find a use along the way.

Anyways, see ya!


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