Shop Fittings

Needle and Thread now has a counter, courtesy of the old bookshelf/mirror.

Tiffany stands behind the Needle & Thread counter, one elbow leaning on it.

It’s a little smaller than I imagined it would be, but it’ll still work.

Front view of the Needle & Thread counter. It's white; a black cash register sits on the top right. There are three magazine shelves down the front; the top one has a craft magazine in.

I kept some of the shelves in the back to store little things like the cash register.

Back of the counter. Two shelves hold the cash register, the magazine, and a ball of yellow yarn.

I love the magazine racks on the front; I can’t wait to fill them with magazines and catalogues.

Close-up of the top magazine rack on the front of the counter. There is a craft magazine on the rack.
Tiffany stands behind the counter, hand resting on its surface. The cash register sits on top, and a craft magazine in the top magazine rack.

And it’s just the right height for Tiffany!

Tiffany stands in front of the counter, hand under chin, thinking. The top and first shelf of the bookshelf sits on the floor in front of Tiffany, who is looking at it.

The top of the shelf remains intact; it almost looks like a small sideboard, or a TV stand. Maybe I could use it in the sit and stitch corner….

Anyways, see ya!


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