Couch Cushions

Tiffany’s been sewing….

Close-up of Tiffany stitching the opening of a rectangular cushion closed.

….and crocheting all week….

Close-up of Tiffany putting stuffing in a crocheted cushion.

….to finish these two couch cushions!

Needle & Thread's purple couch sits against a grey wall. A circular crocheted cushion sits in the left corner of the couch, coloured with three rings of pink, green and blue from the centre. A bow tie cushion sits in the other corner, coloured white with green and pink splotches.

The crochet cushion has two different sides, because I couldn’t decide between two different colour combinations.

CLose-up of Tiffany holding the circular crocheted cushion so the seam around the outside is visible.

I’ve had the idea for a bow tie cushion for a while now, and I’m really happy with it!

Close-up of Tiffany holding the bow tie cushion so the back is visible. Red and dark green splotches are visible, as well as the seam on the centre strip.
Tiffany sits on the purple couch in the middle, with the cushions to her left and right. She looks at the camera.

The cushions could have been a little bigger, but otherwise, I’m happy. I might also make the bow tie one again in a solid colour, that might look even better.

Anyways, see ya!


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