Warm Weather Gear

As the weather has slowly been heating up, I figured I’d get ahead of the game and start making some proper hot weather clothes for Tiffany and Petra.

Starting here, with Tiffany’s new outfit!

TIffany wears a pink, orange, red 
and dark brown shirt and denim shorts in front of a white brick background. Her hands are spread in a 'ta-daa!' gesture.

Tiff made the shirt herself, and she made sure to give it a nice, wide neckline for summer.

Tiffany looks down at her shirt, running a hand over the print.

I upcycled the shorts – they’re Sarah’s (really) old ones. I added pockets and made the fit a little tighter.

Close-up of Tiffany's denim shorts. Her hands are in the pockets.

Tiffany tested everything out while climbing a tree….

Tiffany slides cautiously down a tree branch, feet against another branch for stabilisation.
Tiffany stands in a tree fork, one hand on a branch for stability. She looks up the branch at something out of shot.

….with great success! Though skirts are probably the coolest possible thing, and it definitely gets very hot here. Maybe I’ll try that next…

Anyways, see ya!


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