Shop Fittings

The interior of Needle & Thread has pretty much got all it’s big furniture pieces, now that this fabric table is finished.

A table, with pale wood legs and a shiny white top, stands against a grey background and on wood parquet flooring. There are three small bolts of fabric on top, and four big bolts underneath.

There’s a platform underneath the table for bolts of fabric to rest on…

Close-up of a bolt of bright pink fabric resting across two horizontal supports attached to the legs of the table.

….and the top is nice and clear for rolling the bolts out.

Shot from above of Tiffany rolling out a bolt of fabric on the white top of the table. Three smaller bolts of fabric sit to the left on the table.
Tiffany carries three large bolts of fabric to the table, which sits in front of the counter and the shelving units inside Needle & Thread. A bolt of fabric is unwound on the table.

I am so happy with how this interior is looking, it’s exactly what I wanted! I think this table will be very versatile, too – it would probably work well in a bakery…

Tiffany stands at the table, bolts of fabric on wither side of her. Another bolt is unwound in front of her, and she is smoothing it out.

I imagine there are more of these tables in Needle & Thread outside of the floor space I have, maybe one per colour? And people can lay out their fabric on the tables to play around with when they’re purchasing some, and shop assistants come and cut how much they want, and I really want to live in this world!

Anyways, see ya!


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