Drinks on Me

The drinks trolley is fully stocked!

The fully stocked drinks trolley stands against a pale grey background. Top shelf has a hot water urn with a mug under its spout, and a canister of tea. Middle shelf has six white mugs, upside-down. Bottom shelf has a carton of milk, a canister of hot chocolate and a canister of coffee.

There’s ground coffee, teabags and hot chocolate powder, and a carton of milk on the bottom shelf.

The three canisters and the milks it on a white surface. The milk carton is white with a blue label saying 'MILK' and a blue screw-on lid on top. The three canisters are white with black lids and their contents written on them in black.

There are also seven plain, white mugs. Maybe I’ll decorate these later, or Tiffany will organise a craft session with her friends and do them.

Four plain white mugs sit on a white surface. Three are stacked in a pyramid, and one sits to the right of the pyramid.
Tiffany stands next to the drinks trolley, holding a freshly made cup of coffee. She looks down at the cup, smiling.

Tiffany’s equipment test was clearly a success!

Above view of Tiffany sitting on the purple couch. She has an open magazine in her lap, and the mug of coffee is on the arm of the couch.

Now to search for ideas for wall decorations…. a wreath would look cool…. and we could change it out with the seasons! Hmmmm…….

Anyways, see ya!


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