Summer Pinafore

Petra requested a denim pinafore for summer, which was the perfect opportunity to continue practicing skirt-making.

Petra wears a denim skirt with an attached overall-style top, with a front panel and straps over the shoulders. Her hands are in the pockets in the skirt, and she looks at the camera.

I tried something different with the back because of fabric constraints, which I think looks quite good.

Back view of Petra and the denim overalls. The back has a flat panel attached to the waist of the skirt. The straps are attached to the panel at an angle.
Petra sits in Tea at Yaz's courtyard, surrounded by plants. She sits sideways on a chair, arms resting on the back of the chair and the table. She looks at the camera.

The front panel is perhaps a little bit wide, but I don’t think it’s too big of a deal.

Petra walks towards the camera, looking at it. Behind her is green grass and a row of rocks along the border of a garden bed.
Petra stands beside a rock, a mulched garden bed behind her. She looks to the right and has a hand in the pocket of her skirt.

I enjoy taking photos outside now, before it gets too hot during the day closer to Christmas. I love this soft light I found under a tree, it makes for great photos!

Anyways, see ya!


5 thoughts on “Summer Pinafore

  1. Beautiful again! How do you manage to make all these anyways? Is it trial and error? I tried to make a casual outfit for my Megan- aka maybe have her not in full on dressage mode- but it’s not as easy as it looks! Do you use a pattern, or you just mess around until it fits? Everything always looks so great!


      1. That’s awesome! Speaking from my own experience, it takes a lot of skill and patience! On my list though is buying one of those Barbie outfits and adjusting it to the 1:9 size, I think it’d be a fun challenge.

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