Project Roundup

I found this cross-stitch kit in an old box a few months ago, and I decided to start it this week.

Image of outside paper of a cross-stitch kit. The cross-stitch is of a basket of sunflowers. In the background is some pale trees or grass and some birds. On the right, over the sky, it says 'Simplify your life'.

Here’s the first thread complete….

A very small amount of lemon yellow cross-stitching has been done on cream fabric.
The head of a sunflower facing the ground can be seen in cross-stitch on cream fabric.

….and a bit more done.

A sunflower head facing down can be seen in cross-stitch on cream fabric. There are also some patches of green and dark brown around and to the left of the flower head.

Tiffany and I are also making a list of all the little bits & pieces I need to make to finish off Needle & Thread.

Tiffany stands at the fabric table in Needle & Thread. She has an open notebook in front of her, and holds a pencil in hand, ready to write.

We won’t need pencils, but we will need craft books, two artworks for the walls, uh, a bin for the drinks trolley….” That might be it? I think? We’ll start there and see how it goes.

Anyways, see ya!


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