Needle & Thread Updates

In-between real-life obligations, I’ve added a few small things to Needle & Thread, starting with brightening up this wall to the side of the fabric table.

The grey wall beside the fabric table is facing the camera, with the fabric table visible in the foreground. On the wall, there are two images of quilts, and below that is three white shelves stacked with yarn balls.

I saw these shelves in a magazine once and I’ve wanted to make them ever since, and I’m so satisfied with them!

Close-up of one of the shelves, with the other two visible but blurry in the background. Closest shelf is diamond-shaped, next closest is a pentagon, farthest is a hexagon. All are painted white and stacked with balls of yarn.

There’s also a little pot for teaspoons/excess drink flavourings on the drinks trolley.

The top tray of the drinks trolley is against a grey background. A white food canister, like a porcelain cookie jar without a lid, sits on top holding silver teaspoons. Also on top is the hot water urn, a mug of hot chocolate, and the white hot chocolate jar.
Overhead shot of the top-left of a piece of computer paper. On the paper is a miniature craft magazine, and printed onto the paper are four craft book covers.

And I’ve started formatting the large assortment of books and magazines to go in the shop. As you can see, I’ve got four craft books, and I also want to make about six or nine magazines. Time to get busy!

Anyways, see ya!


3 thoughts on “Needle & Thread Updates

  1. Those little skeins of yarn are to die for, *again*. They’re so cute! Also, I have those shelves in human-size. I never thought of actually using them for craft stuff, though.


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