Every Store Needs Books

This week has been filled with lots of fiddly, tedious formatting, like the flat magazines below….

Overhead shot of six strips of paper fanned out on a white background. Each strip has the front and back cover of a magazine, and six inside pages, laid out in a line.

….so Needle & Thread has a parcel of books and magazines arrive today!

Tiffany carries an armful of books to the fabric table in Needle & Thread. Two piles of magazines sit on the fabric table, having already been unpacked.

All ready to fill the shop with. Or make a start at filling the shop with.

Overhead shot of the four craft books and six craft magazines laid out on the fabric table.

I made two copies of each of the books; one copy opens, and the other one lays flat. It works so well, I’m wondering if I should do it for all my miniature books.

The four different craft books sit on a wood parquet background. Each book has a flat version lying down in front, and an openable version with pages standing upright behind.

There’s a few Christmas magazines on the magazine rack, because it’s that time of year (nearly).

Image shows the front magazine rack of the Needle & Thread counter. Three magazines are on the top shelf (two are Christmas ones), three on the middle shelf (one of which is Christmassy), and one on the bottom shelf.
Tiffany has the craft books on the fabric table. She has one of the crochet ones open, and is looking at a pattern in it.

At the moment, there are three crochet books and a sewing book, so I do want to make more sewing books in the future, considering the amount of fabric that’s in Needle & Thread. Also, a small shelf to hold them would be good!

Anyways, see ya!


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