Red Jersey

For Tiffany’s next project, she will take this red jersey….

Overhead shot of the Needle & Thread fabric table. On it is a bolt of thick dark red jersey, partially unravelled, and a sewing book to the top right. Tiffany's hands are visible resting on the laid-out jersey.

….and turn it into a cute singlet top!

Tiffany wears a dark red jersey scoop-necked singlet top, which has red ribbon for straps. She also wears the yellow pleated skirt, and stands with a hand on hip in front of a white brick background.

Because it’s all jersey, and thus nice and stretchy, it has no velcro in the back; it’ll slide on from her feet.

Back view of the singlet top Tiffany is wearing, showing the deeper scoop-neck, and lack of velcro fastening. The back of Tiffany's head can be seen too, against a white brick background.
Tiffany wears the dark red singlet top and yellow pleated skirt, and looks to the left of the image. She stands on the right, next to a large plant. The plant's leaves are cream in the middle with green edges.
Tiffany stands on a terracotta concrete slab, with a white lattice and large terracotta pots in the background. She wears the dark red singlet and yellow pleated skirt, has both hands hanging at her sides, and looks to the right middle distance. The angle of the shot is low, looking up at her.

It’s definitely nice and cool, and the dark red colour is festive too! I think this technically counts as a Christmassy top (for Australia, anyways).

Anyways, see ya!


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