Orange Stripes

I first saw Tiffany’s new pants in an op shop, and I instantly knew that she’d love them.

Tiffany stands in front of a white brick background, looking at the camera. She wears a t-shirt and a pair of bright orange pants. The pants have vertical black stripes which are sandwiched in-between pale blue and white stripes. They also have an orange plaited cord tied around the waist and pockets.

They had a tied or elasticated waist, which I’ve replicated as best as I can in miniature.

Detail shot of the plaited waist tie, the stripes, and the side seam pocket opening.

The original had the stripes printed onto the fabric, which I recreated with pieces of ribbon sewn onto the fabric pattern pieces.

Overhead shot of two stripes in progress. The stripe on the right has a strip of pale blue ribbon sewn next to a strip of white ribbon. They are herringbone stitched together down the centre. The stripe on the left is complete, with the black ribbon back-stitched down the centre.

They’re not exactly summer-y pants, but they’re definitely very bright!

Tiffany leans against a wooden fence, one foot up against the wood, wearing the orange striped pants. There is green moss along the base of the fence, and she is looking at the camera.
Tiffany stands against a pale blue textured wall, looking at the camera. She wears the orange striped pants, one hand in a pocket.

And Tiffany loves them, which is most important.

Tiffany walks along a wooden fence, wearing the orange striped pants. One hand is in a pocket, the other swinging, and she looks beyond the camera. Her hair is a little windswept, and there is green moss along the base of the fence.

I definitely want to try the tied waist again, next time sewing it into the waistband rather than trying to thread it through. I’m also really happy with the stripes – they turned out nicely.

Anyways, see ya!


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