Bookstore Beginnings

Sarah’s local bookstore is coming along really well in its renovations! This is the finished storefront:

Sarah stands outside a bookstore called 'The Palace Library' with arms crossed. The Palace Library has a dark blue sign across the top, a green door, and a white window display with 'Sunny Books' in. The building is red brick.

There’s a little palace/castle in the sign, which I think is really cute.

Close-up of the dark blue sign, showing the left-hand side of it. A three-towered castle is drawn in the bottom-left; above it is 'The' in cursive. The beginning of 'Palace' is also visible, and everything's written in gold.

The window frame is also raised, so the display is still changeable. Maybe I should do this for all the shops….

Close-up of the bottom-right of the window frame. The frame is dark wood, and is slightly elevated from the red brick. The corner of the display is also visible.

Let’s see how it’s going inside, Chip!

Sarah has a hand on the gold doorknob of The Palace Library, about to open the door. She's looking at Chip, who is rolling towards her from the left.
Sarah stands in the interior of The Palace Library, hands on hips, looking around. The interior has pale yellow walls and pale orange bookshelves, filled with books. The floor is dark wood. There is a counter in one corner, and Chip is rolling towards the bottom-left corner of the image.

Actually really well! There are a few walls that aren’t finished yet, but most of the bookcases are up.

Sarah stands inside The Palace Library. She has her hands on the back of a brightly patterned armchair, looking down at it. Chip is in front of the armchair, looking at a small side table. The counter is in the background with Sarah's bag on it.

While they’re going up and the extra room is being painted, let’s start figuring out what to do with the old furniture. We’ll definitely use this chair somewhere, though I think the counter needs a makeover….

Anyways, see ya!


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