Stocking the Shelves

Oof!” The Palace Library’s just received another box of stock, and this box is actually interesting!

Sarah stands at the stand-in front desk of The Palace Library. She is sliding a heavy parcel box onto the counter, bag across her body. Chip looks on from the bottom-right of the scene.

The beginnings of the novel section, or about 34 books, made by me. There are two copies of each book here, because real-life bookstores have multiple copies too.

Sarah stands beside the stand-in front counter of The Palace Library. On the counter are about six piles of new books, unpacked from the parcel box. Sarah has a hand on top of the nearest stack, and looks at the books.

I wanna sort them into series’, so they’re easier to shelve,

Sarah stands beside the stand-in front counter of The Palace Library. She is placing two books onto their series pile, and holds two more waiting to get sorted. The other books are sorted into piles by series.
Sarah is walking towards one of The Palace Library's bookshelves, carrying an armful of books to shelve. A brightly coloured/patterned armchair is positioned in front of the shelves, and Sarah walks around it.

Now, where would these go?

Sarah stands at a bookshelf in The Palace Library, with an armful of books. She looks up at the shelves. Behind her is an armchair, and the front counter, still covered in books.

There are a lot of novels still to come to The Palace Library, as well as a few textbooks. I can’t wait to see them stacked all over the place! But Sarah and I’d better get back to it, because I’m also thinking about furnishings….

Anyways, see ya!


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