Coat Renovation

A year or two ago, I tried to make Sarah a nice black knee-length coat. However, the sleeves turned out too tight for her hands, so this year, I wanted to re-make it.

A black coat, unlined and sleeveless, hangs on a coat-hanger from a wooden dowel.

Above is the original, and below is the re-made one!

Sarah wears a black, knee-length coat over a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. The coat has a collar, two purple buttons on the front, and pockets, which Sarah's hands are in. She smiles at the camera.

I’m so happy with this one – as you can see, her hands fit through the sleeves! I also wanted to try and stitch it so there were hardly any raw edges visible, which I did. The only ‘visible’ raw edges are in the sleeves, and I whip-stitched over those.

Sarah holds the coat open to show the purple lining. Two stitches on the opposite front panel to the buttons are visible, acting as fake buttonholes.

I also put buttons on, and you can see the fake buttonholes in the above photo.

Close-up of the top front of the coat, with the buttons and collar clearly visible. The underside of the collar is in the same purple fabric as the lining.
Sarah walks in front of Tea at Yaz's and The Palace Library, wearing the coat and carrying her brown satchel.

It’s not quite cold enough to need it yet, but hopefully soon.

Sarah stands in front of The Palace Library, wearing her black coat and carrying her satchel. She has a hand in a coat pocket and smiles at the camera.

I also made this by using my basic shirt pattern backwards, which works pretty well! The front panels overlap, but the neckline is a bit big for my liking. Nothing that can’t be fixed with a scarf when it gets colder!

Anyways, see ya!


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