Sustainable Beanbags

Some of my older readers may recognise this pouf; I must have made it a few years ago now.

A miniature crocheted pouf sits against a white brick background. It is white and various shades of pink with a flat base.

It wasn’t getting a whole lot of use, so I re-stuffed it with scraps from my (overflowing!) scraps bin….

A pink crocheted pouf sits on a craft mat, the centre unravelled so that the stuffing is visible. The stuffing is small squares of scrap fabric, with a small pile of it beside the pouf.

….and now it’s a beanbag for The Palace Library’s staff/break room!

The beanbag sits in the left corner of The Palace Library's upstairs room. Behind it is the room divider, and to the right is the armchair and a small side-table. On the side-table is a small stack of books.
Sarah sits on the beanbag, smiling at the camera. The armchair is in the right of frame, and the side-table with its stack of books is visible.

Sarah assures me it’s very comfy.

Sarah sits on the beanbag, a book in her lap and gesturing in conversation with Petra. Petra sits on the armchair, legs tucked under, listening to Sarah. Petra's backpack sits at her feet.

I’m also glad I was able to re-use some of my scraps like this – yay for sustainable making! As for where to go next, I think we need at least one more table in here, as well as a noticeboard or large calendar on the wall. And maybe a big free-standing light in the corner….

Anyways, see ya!


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