Details, Details

Work continues at The Palace Library, with the third-last box of books from the storeroom being opened.

Two stacks of books sit on the counter in The Palace Library.

Ooh, this one looks interesting….

Sarah holds a copy of 'The Henna Wars',  and is reading the blurb. She stands beside the counter in The Palace Library, on which is two stacks of books.

Additionally, upstairs there is now a calendar and a small noticeboard in the staffroom!

The patterned armchair sits against a wall in The Palace Library. Above it is a large calendar page, showing the month of April, and a small pink noticeboard. Both are attached to the wall.

I covered a piece of cardboard with a scrap of dusky pink fabric for the noticeboard, and glued tiny sequins on for pins. And there’s a few notices on there too.

Close-up of the small noticeboard. It is covered in pink fabric, and has a few grey and pink pins in it. Two pins hold notices - one says 'Re-stock spell-books', the other says 'Sarah's Birthday! 3pm @ Fierro's'.
Sarah half-kneels on the armchair, one hand against the calendar page. She is looking at the month, with the noticeboard behind her head.

The calendar is to track when people are coming in – it’ll fill up when the store opens! Each month tears away at the top, too, which isn’t something I’ve done before. To finish this room, I want to put a free-standing light in the corner, and – obviously – put some textiles in here! Maybe I’ll make a blanket; it is coming up to winter….

Anyways, see ya!


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