Project Roundup

I have a few different things on the go at the moment; first is the cash register for The Palace Library, which is long overdue!

A small black cash register is in the top right corner. In the centre of the image are four stacks of cardboard squares. Three are about the same size as the cash register, and one is smaller.

Remember this jumper I made for Petra?

Petra wears a crocheted yellow jumper with ribbed cuffs and collar. She has her hands in her pockets and smiles at the camera.

Well, it’s now in six skeins and bundles of yarn, because I want to knit it instead – and adjust the jumper pattern I’ve got to make the neckline lower.

Petra's pink jumper sits on a white brick background. Next to it are five small skeins of wrinkled yellow yarn, and a small pile of the same yarn.
A blue crocheted pot with a purple fluffy rim sits against a white background. Beside it is a flat circle of yellow crochet, hook in the working loop.

I’m also crocheting two little pots for a family friend; the yellow pot is nearly finished now. Off-camera, I also have some small sewing projects on the go for Petra and Tiffany – they’ll be up here soon.

What are you working on?

Anyways, see ya!


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