Palace Library Updates

The main floor of the Palace Library now has a small display table!

Wide-angle shot of the store floor of the Palace Library. In the foreground is a small dark wood table with an assortment of books on it. In the background is bookshelves, the counter, and the doorway to the back of the store.

At the moment, one end of the table has a few fantasy novels….

Close-up of one end of the small table. Six stacks of books are on the table, with one book on a wire book stand behind them.
The other end of the small table. There are three stacks of Thirteenth Doctor novels on the table, with one on a wire book stand. The shot is over Sarah's shoulder, and she has a hand on one of the books.

….and the other end is spotlighting some Doctor Who novels. This display will definitely change in the future, probably to a display that takes up the whole table.

The upstairs room of the Palace Library. The armchair and beanbag are visible, as is the small side table and trunk/coffee table. On the armchair is a square pink, purple and grey crocheted cushion. On the beanbag is a smaller square navy blue crocheted cushion.

In other news, upstairs has two new cushions: one on the armchair and one on the beanbag.

Close-up of the armchair, which has two cushions on. The larger cushion is pink, purple, and grey, crocheted in a corner-to-corner style, which looks like very large pixels. The smaller navy blue cushion is crocheted in the same style, and has a pink back.

They’re both Corner 2 Corner (or C2C) crochet, which has been a lot of fun to try out! The little blue cushion is made of two samples pieces I made sewn together because I couldn’t just waste them.

Sarah - in her coat, with her bag - sits on the armchair, with the larger pink/purple/grey crocheted cushion on her lap. She is looking at it, running a hand over the stitches.

Sarah is intrigued, and I love the texture they have. I kinda want to make a miniverse-sized blanket with this technique, but I just need to find an excuse….

Anyways, see ya!


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