Petra’s Pants

I have this nice brown fabric in my collection, and I thought it would look nice as a pair of pants for Petra.

Petra stands in front of a white brick background. She wears a pair of brown loose-fitting pants with her pink jumper and dark brown shoes. She smiles at the camera.

These pants are a lot like her grey ones, with the diagonal pockets and loose fit….

Close-up of one of the pockets and waistband of the brown pants. The pocket opening is diagonal, and has topstitching along the edge.

….but also not, because they have a Velcro fastening (not an elastic waistband) and a normal hem at the bottom (instead of rolled-up cuffs).

Close-up of the hems at the bottom of the legs of the pants, with Petra's brown shoes also visible.

I’m actually quite happy with these hems, because I did them after the leg seams had been sewn, so there’s far fewer threads hanging from here. I might end up shortening them a little bit, just so they’re above the tops of her shoes.

Petra stands outside in a patch of clover, against a terracotta background with green algae (?) on. She wears the brown pants and pink jumper, and has her hands in her pockets. She looks up towards the left of the image.
Petra walks in the patch of clover, one hand on the terracotta wall for stability. She is looking down at where she is walking, and wears the brown pants and pink jumper.
Petra stands against a large green bush, wearing the brown pants and her pink jumper. She has one hand behind her neck and the other on her hip, and is looking to the right.

They fit quite seamlessly into Petra’s wardrobe, and Petra likes them, which is the main thing! She tells me she’s going for a “naturalist combined with knitted jumpers and pink” aesthetic with her wardrobe, which these pants work well for. If she’s happy, I’m happy!

Anyways, see ya!


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