Tiffany’s Birthday

Today is Tiffany’s birthday, and I was informed this time last week that she wanted to make a cape for the occasion. A few days of pattern-making, designing, and sewing later, and I came up with this:

Tiffany stands against a white brick background. She wears colourful pants and a hot pink cardigan, and is pulling a navy cape over her shoulders. She is smiling at the camera.

Isn’t it just the cutest?

Tiffany stands against a white brick background. She has a navy cape tied around her shoulders. The cape is about wrist-length, with navy ribbon ties and a Peter Pan style collar.

Though it is just plain navy on the front, the inside is lined with the same fabric I used for my first floral pants.

Close-up of one corner of the cape, which has been flipped up to show a floral lining. The flowers are blue, pink, and yellow, with green foliage, all on a navy background. Tiffany's pink-cardigan-clad shoulder is also visible.

I love a contrast lining!

Tiffany stands near a white wooden post, which has a vine growing up it. She wears the navy cape, tied with a bow in the front. She has her hands in her pockets and is smiling at the camera. In the background is some leaves from the vine, and a large bush.

Obviously, some frolicking in a ‘field’ was necessary!

Tiffany stands in a 'field', and in the background is a wooden fence and a gnarled tree trunk. She wears the navy cape over her hot pink cardigan and colourful pants. Her body is angled to the left, which is also the direction she's looking.
Tiffany faces the camera, fiddling with the ties of the navy cape, smiling. Behind her is a 'field', with a wooden fence in view and a gnarled tree trunk against the fence.

In addition to the lining, I’m also really happy with the collar – I drafted the pattern for it in a circle, so it actually (kind of) sits flat against the cape. I definitely want to try and use similar collars for other garments in the future!

Now I just need to make myself a cape…..

Anyways, see ya!


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