Micro-Crochet Earrings

Remember this little pouch I embroidered a while ago? Well, I found a use for it….

An embroidered zipper pouch sits, open, on a white brick background. Peeking out the opening at the top of the bag is a small crocheted red leaf, sun, and green leaves.

….it’s filled with little crocheted earrings that I’ve been making over the past little while.

A pile of small crocheted objects is on a white brick background. The objects all have a jump ring on them, and are mostly crocheted natural objects - apart from two gold bells on the right of the pile.

I’ve made quite a few so far, loosely arranged into a few categories.

22 crocheted objects (and two gold bells) sit on a white brick background, arranged into five categories. Clockwise from the top is spring, summer, autumn, celestial, and occasion. The spring category has two green leaves, and two cherry blossom flowers. The summer category has two sunflowers. The autumn category has two pumpkins, two red-topped mushrooms, and four leaves in shades of yellow, orange, red, and brown. The celestial category has two suns, and a full and crescent moon in silver. The occasion category has the two gold bells, two baubles, and two bunches of holly.

The little jump rings loop onto your average sleeper earrings, so they’re interchangeable. Being crochet, they’re also very lightweight!

The two crocheted cherry blossom flowers hang by their silver jump rings from silver sleeper earrings. The silver sleepers are on a wooden dowel, against a white brick background.
The pattern for these earrings is by Steffi Glaves
A hand-written list is surrounded by various small crocheted objects, on a white brick background. The list is titled 'To Do List: Crochet Earrings Edition'. Several of the items are crossed off, and the completed earrings sit roughly beside the list. The completed items include sunflowers, mushrooms, moons, cherry blossoms, autumn leaves, pumpkins, and holly.

As you can see from my list, I have quite a few more ideas for what else I could make! If you have any ideas that I haven’t thought of yet, I’d love to hear them. I recently borrowed a book from the library that’s given me heaps more ideas, so the inspiration fire is burning strong at the moment!

Anyways, see ya!


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