Spring Earring Collection

Ever since I made my cherry blossom earrings, I’ve wanted to have a go at more designs from Steffi Glaves’ book, and as it is spring here, I thought I’d make some flowers to wear.

Six crochet earrings sit on grass. There are daisies, green leaves, blue flowers, sunflowers, cherry blossoms, and pansies, all in pairs.

These three below are the newest ones. The daisies turned out bigger than I expected, and I’m really happy with the pansies.

Three pairs of daisy, pansy, and blue flower earrings sit on a white brick background. Each has a small jump ring attached to the top.
all designs by Steffi Glaves

And these are the other three earrings. I added a second leaf to the green leaf earrings, because the leaves on their own can be hard to distinguish from a distance.

Three pairs of cherry blossom, green leaves, and sunflower earrings sit on a white brick background. Each has a jump ring attached to the top.
cherry blossom design by Steffi Glaves

They all loop onto a standard sleeper earring, like in this post. I haven’t been able to wear any yet because masks make it difficult to wear dangly earrings, but hopefully I’ll get the chance before spring is over!

Anyways, see ya!


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