Meet Hazel

The new friend I mentioned in my last Project Roundup is finished – meet Hazel!

Hazel looks at the camera, grinning and waving. She is black and fat, with dark brown eyes and bright green hair in braids. She wears a white v-necked top with pink flowers on, and a chevron-print wool skirt.

She loves cooking and baking (but especially baking!), and enjoys trying out new recipes on her friends. She has plans to work at the new bakery that’s being built, and a notebook full of ideas for potential sweets to fill the shelves with.

Hazel stands in front of a white brick background, holding a plate of four cinnamon rolls. She looks down at the plate. She has some braids pulled forwards over her shoulders, and wears a white v-necked sleeveless top with pink flowers on.

She also likes wearing skirts – this one is wool, so it’s nice and warm!

Hazel stands in front of a white brick background. The shot shows her entire body. Her white top is tucked into her navy-and-grey chevron wool skirt. The skirt has a grey cotton waistband, and brushes the tops of her white lace-up shoes. Hazel has her hands in the pockets of the skirt and smiles at the camera.

She magically dyed her hair bright green when she was 10, and she liked it so much she hasn’t changed it since. (It will all be braided, I just need to get onto that!)

Hazel faces towards the right of the image, so her face is in profile. Her bright green hair is the subject - some of it is braided, and some of it is wound like yarn. A lot of the braids are gathered in a half-up style, with some pushed over her shoulder. The length varies, with the longest strands reaching past her hips.
Sarah, Hazel, Tiffany, and Petra stand left-right against a white brick background. They all look at Tiffany, who is gesturing in speech. Hazel fiddles with her braids, Sarah's hands are clasped in front of her, and Petra has her hands in her pockets. Sarah wears a blue hoodie, a checked shirt, and black floral pants. Tiffany wears a bright pink cardigan, black and purple shirt, and multi-coloured scalloped pants. Petra wears a red and blue jumper and brown pants.

Everyone’s excited to get to know her, including me! Though I think I will get onto making something long-sleeved for her, there’s only so much a wool skirt can do for one’s top half.

Anyways, see ya!


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