Just in time for a turn towards cooler weather, Hazel’s latest dress is finished.

Hazel, a dark brown woman with green braids, stands in front of a white brock background. She wears a pink dress, printed with white polka-dots. The dress fits loosely, and has a curved neckline. Hazel pushed some of her braids back behind her shoulder with one arm, and smiles at the camera.

She now has three dresses in her wardrobe, including this one, which is a fairly decent number!

Hazel stands in front of a white brick background, wearing a pink dress with white polka-dots. She is turned to the side and has her hands clasped at her waist. Her shoulder closest to the camera is raised, and she smiles at the camera over it.

It’s made from scraps of my life-size pinafore dress, which is a fabric I knew Hazel would like.

Close-up of the side seam of Hazel's pink and white polka-dot dress. Hazel's hand has disappeared into an in-seam pocket, though the rest of her arm is visible. Also seen are her braids, both over her front and down her back.

Searching for adventure….

Hazel stands in long grass, with one hand raised to shield her eyes. She looks slightly to the right of the camera, and is wearing the pink and white polka-dot dress. Her braids fall down her front, and there is a wooden fence in the background.

Does this give off ‘frolicking in a field’ vibes?

Hazel is frolicking through long grass, spinning with her arms held out like aeroplane wings. She turns away from the camera, braids swinging as she does. She wears the pink and white polka-dot dress, and behind her is a tree trunk.
Hazel is photographed from above, where she lays on her back on the grass. Her arms are still outstretched, and some of her braids rest on top of her. She wears the pink and white polka-dot dress, as she gazes up at the sky.

This is the sort of thing Hazel could put her long wool skirt over in winter, so it will be worn in all seasons.

As it’s starting to cool down (ever so slightly!!) here, I think I want to make Hazel some more layering pieces, like a sleeved blouse and a pinafore. I’ll have to check everyone else’s wardrobes too – I think Tiffany might need some similar stuff.

Anyways, see ya!


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