Chocolate is the Answer

I have this badge that says ‘Chocolate is the answer’ on my pencil case that came from a book a long time ago. It is quite old, and I worry about it falling off and the message it conveys to the world being lost forever.

A purple pencil case sits on a white brick background. Two zips are visible at the top of the case, one open, and three pin badges are on the outside of the case. Two are Star Wars ones, one with Rey's profile and one with BB-8. The third badge is brown with 'Chocolate is the answer' in white text on it.

So, the solution I landed upon is to make a replica!

Two badges sit on a white background. They are both brown with 'Chocolate is the answer' written on in white text. The badge on the left is the one on the pencil case, and the one on the right is embroidered onto fabric.

My embroidery isn’t great, but I think the message comes across quite well. And it definitely won’t fall off anything!

Image shows the front of a denim satchel bag. The bag has a number of pin badges on it, with one being the embroidered 'Chocolate is the answer' badge. Others include a wooden shield that says 'Self Rescuing Princess', and a white glittery pocket-shaped one that says 'Pocket Equality'.
‘Self Rescuing Princess’ badge and the ‘Pocket Equality’ one beside it by Kit Cronk Studio
About 15 embroidered pin badges are in a loose pile on a white background. Most of them relate to books like the Infernal Devices series, the Magnus Chase series, and Red, White and Royal Blue. At the bottom, the 'Chocolate is the answer' badge can be seen.

I definitely think this qualifies as a ‘collection’ at this point! I’m thinking of making some kind of wall hanging to display all of them on, considering my denim bag is running out of room….

Anyways, see ya!


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